Swiss cheese slices: what are some ways to eat it?

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Cheese forms a major part of Australia’s daily diet plan besides people with dairy or lactose sensitivity. Everything tastes better with cheese, especially the cheese with lots of eyes; Swiss cheese slices. People in Australia are massive fans of Swiss cheese, and you can’t blame anyone for that. Any Swiss cheese recipe sure knocks your socks off.

Slightly yellowish on the outside, Swiss cheese has something appealing about it; perhaps it’s the sweet flavour and nutty aroma that gets smoother with each bite. Swiss cheese is found across major grocery stores and cheesemongers year-round in Australia. Pure Dairy is a big supplier of authentic Swiss cheese slices to restaurants and households here.

Pure Dairy’s Swiss cheese slices have a superior flavour profile and melt consistently on hot and cold dishes. Their nutty aroma and mildly sweet flavour make Swiss cheese a preferred option for a range of burgers and sandwiches. Sometimes, Swiss cheese slices with authentic Swiss flavour are regarded as the best cheese for burgers.

Many Swiss Cheese Recipes For You!

While creating a huge impact as burger cheese slices across restaurants in Australia, Swiss cheese blends well with a wide range of restaurant dishes. There are several Swiss cheese recipes to excite every household. Whether you choose to eat out or invite friends over to your place, there’s enough for a whole month;

Cheesy Burger

The mouth-watering cheesy burger topped with nutty Swiss cheese slices can now be tried by anyone. Using Pure Dairy’s burger cheese slices, your burger game is bound to get bigger and better. Its super melty texture and distinctive buttery flavour can hold its own with a beef patty. And the best part is as follows: Swiss cheese slices do not overwhelm the beef patty. This is a combination of flavours for a normal day, a good day, and the worst of the days.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Let’s talk chicken! Most of us love chicken, and there’s never been a better combo of chicken and Swiss cheese slices beyond this entree. This is super delicious and easy to prepare – the exact thing you need during this festive season in the country. Try preparing chicken cordon bleu with Pure Dairy Swiss cheese slices; you will wonder how meat wrapped around cheese can taste so amazing.

Broccoli with Swiss Cheese

Green vegetables are and should be a part of people’s daily diet. If you feel your green vegetables are turning bland day by day, you have not yet tried broccoli cheese bake. This is a terrific idea for people who prefer vegetables in their dishes. Serve it with mashed potatoes and diced carrots; it’s amazing. You can substitute onion with shallots for a nice after-flavour.

Swiss Cheese Omelette

The evergreen omelette is always great for breakfast. Try adding slices of Swiss cheese to your regular omelettes, it will make everyone in the house happier. While preparing a cheese omelette, always keep the heat low – you do not want your dish to turn brown and have a bitter aftertaste. You can shred your Swiss cheese slices or cut them into fine slices for your omelettes, it is delicious both ways.

Cheesy Onion Soup

Your regular onion soup is about to get better after adding Swiss cheese slices into them. Top your finely caramelized onion with warm Swiss cheese liquid, and your onion soup is bound to be a class apart. Do not miss out on beef broth and wine for your cheesy onion soup, it will only enhance the flavour. This comfort food is perfect for cold days.