How to Eat Crab Legs Like a Pro

While many people enjoy the scent of seafood when they step into a seafood bar, the truth is that not everyone can cook them. We have put together our top tips for how to eat crab legs like a pro.

5 Tips for Eating Crab Legs

1. Be Patient

Although crab legs can be filling and delicious, especially when served with side dishes like sweet potato fries, potato salad, and onion rings they do require patience. It is not a good idea to expect to be able to quickly crack open your crab-cracking marathon and eat every bite.

You will be less likely to make a mess if you have patience. You won’t leave the restaurant with seafood smells, no matter how much you love it. The pleasure of eating a delicious crab dinner takes time.

2. Break the Crab

Once you’ve mastered patience, let us get to the meat of this matter. You must cut the legs of crabs that are attached to their bodies in half. Consider breaking up the crabs into fours if the crabs are particularly large or if children are eating the same meal.

3. Separate the Legs

Some people are able to do this even before they eat, but others have the patience and skill to do it while you eat. Most of the time, you can twist and pull off the legs. If you are looking for a way to crack crab legs, larger crabs might need a claw cracker or crab mallet.

4. Crack the Claws

No matter what tool you use, cracking the claws requires that you only apply enough force. You should only apply small amounts of pressure to crack the shell. Too much pressure can cause the shells to become entangled in the meat.

5. Split the Legs of the Crab

You can use kitchen scissors or a dull knife depending on the softness of the shell on the legs to remove it. You will find tender, delicious crabmeat inside.

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