Reasons to Use Cast Iron Waffle Makers When Baking

Waffles are favorite delicacies among many. Food establishments that make waffles for breakfast reap big and have customers always coming back. However, there are various considerations to make when shopping for waffle makers. And many choose the Cast-iron waffle makerand for obvious reasons. These are great investments for any eatery; they retain heat throughout cooking ad come with numerous perks.

Why use cast iron waffle makes when baking?

  1. Varied uses

You can use cast iron waffle makers in multiple settings. You can use them outdoors or indoors- the choice is all yours. No matter your cooking spot, you’ll still get your waffles in the desired sizes, shapes, and taste. Most modern waffles are electrical only operate when plugged into a power outlet. But, cast iron waffles work with external heat sources, and you can use them on a grill, stove, or campfire.

  1. They are non-stick

Waffle sticking is a common problem among many chefs. And you don’t want that, I guess. Why not go for cast iron waffle makers? With such appliances, you can cook with ease. They are thoroughly seasoned, and waffles won’t stick to the iron, making it easier to remove cooked waffles. Also, the process coats all the surfaces, seals and protects them from rust.

  1. Even cooking

Cast iron is renowned for its heat distribution properties. It spreads heat evenly throughout the surface, thus producing evenly cooked delicious waffles. Moreover, most appliances feature different settings allowing you to set the right cooking temperature for your needs. With typical waffle irons, you get cool spots and waffles that aren’t evenly cooked. On the other hand, cast iron produces evenly browned and crispy waffles outside but with a fluffy interior.

  1. Low maintenance

A cast-iron appliance is easy to clean, and you can wipe bread crumbs and residue using a soft brush o paper towel. You can also wash it in hot-non soapy water, dry it, and store it. Unlike other conventional waffle makers, there’s no need for thorough scrubbing, which can be hectic.

What types of waffles can I make using a cast ion waffle maker?

There are different types of waffles that you can bake using cast iron makers. These include;

  • Belgian waffles
  • Brussels waffles
  • American waffles
  • Liege waffles

Belgian waffles

These are North American versions of Brussels waffles. They are thick and are made of light batter, with large deep pockets. Although similar to their American counterparts, they are made using baking powder rather than yeast.

Brussels waffles

Brussels waffles are made with butter and contain beaten egg whites. They are crispy and feature a fluffy texture.

American waffles

American waffles are made of butter leavened with baking powder. They come in various shapes and are commonly used as base servings for dishes like chicken, stews, and chili.

Liege waffles

Liege waffles are made with yeast dough, and pearl sugar is sprinkled on the outer layer when they are almost cooked. These are dense and sweeter and don’t get soggy, whether served with fruit or ice cream.

In summary

Cast iron waffle makers are your best buddy when it comes to baking waffles. You can get them in most leading stores, and you can use them to make different types of delicious waffles for your loved ones.