How To Decorate Your Cookies?

All the dessert lovers would have surely loved having cookies in their dessert course during parties or to try baking something new. The simple cookies in appearance may not attract your kids to enjoy them as much as the decorated and colorful cookies. If you love baking and have a creative flair while doing something, then you can try your hands at decorating cookies. The process of decorating cookies activates your creative thinking ability and is a fun and engaging activity to pursue, especially during this period of a pandemic. You will come to know the basics of decorating your cookies further below.

Tips To Decorate Your Cookies

Broadly, three steps are involved in the decoration of cookies which are

  • Baking cookies and them having their cut-outs.
  • Preparation of royal icing and then dividing it with the proper consistency, coloring it and preparing decorating bags.
  • Outlining and filing your cookies. Finally, adding details to your cookies.

The ingredients and supplies that are required for decorating your cookies are

  1. Royal icing
  2. Sugar cookies that have been cut-out
  3. Disposable decorating bags of approximately 12 inches
  4. Spoons and bowls
  5. Food coloring material
  6. Scissors
  7. Decorating tips of sizes 2,3,4, and 5
  8. Paper towels
  9. Toothpicks
  10. Spatula or a small knife
  11. Standard couplers

For preparation and coloring of icing, you need to make sure whether you need thick or thin icing. For thick icing, it is suggested to add powdered sugar, and for thinning, you can add water to the icing. To color the icing, you can divide the icing into different bowls and add different food coloring to experiment with colors on the icing.

How To Assemble And Fill A Decorating Bag?

For assembling your decorating bag with the help of a tip and a coupler, you need to cut about half inches of the tip of your bag. After that, try to insert the coupler inside the bag. The decorating tip should be at the end of the bag. Finally, you can fill the decorating bag with the icing and close its other end with a rubber band.

For piping the icing before on the cookies’ surface, it is suggested to practice piping it on parchment paper of a wax piece. After that, you can first outline your cookies by piping the icing. Finally, the interior part of the cookies can be filled with icing after the outline gets dried.

Thus, you can decorate your cookies using the above steps and find the required coloring material on