Making pancakes like a star cook

Pancakes are a favorite treat to many persons. The yumminess that is derived from munching on a perfectly made pancake is just so mouthful. But an appetizing and eye-pleasing pancake doesn’t just fall on a platter. It takes some degree of skill and paying attention to details – right from the choice of ingredients through the whole baking process.

Making a perfect pancake

“What’s worth doing is worth doing well”, they say, and this doesn’t leave the making of pancakes out. Though the probability of you not getting it right at the first instance cannot be ruled out, sticking to the best practices will see you making your pancakes like a star cook in no time.

No particular temperature values

Setting the oven to a particular temperature is common among persons when preparing pancakes. While this is not entirely out of order, it is not a necessity. What’s important is that moderate heat is applied to the pan. You do not want to heat the pan to point that your pancake batter ends setting immediately you turned it in [to the pan] – a scenario that leaves you having an undercooked slice of pancake.

A thick-based non-stick pan works great

A non-stick pan with a thick base could serve as a failsafe option to prevent your pancake from being overtaken by intense heat. Such a pan will take in more heat – with even distribution – without allowing the pancake to be burned.

Beating the mixture hard

A perfect pancake should reflect some degree of fluffiness and as comes from beating the batter hard. But this does not mean you have to do this to eliminate all the lumps that emerge. Giving the mixture a hard beating will help impose a firm structure on the pancake – and this, without obliterating its airiness.

Allow your pancake batter some rest

Leaving the pancake to rest can boost its look and feel, and you will definitely love it more. Be mindful not to leave it for a prolonged period so that the air bubbles do not escape.You can just leave it to rest for 15 – 30 minutes.

A good mix is necessary

Whether you’re using the muffin mix you got from the store or a homemade one, it’s important that you mix the ingredients very well. That begins with whisking the dry ingredients as this would help reduce the formation of big lumps in the mixture. Likewise, the wet ingredients should also be well-blended and then turn into the dry ingredients, stirring consistently.

Watch out for the browning

A perfectly made pancake should be light brown. So, you should watch out for this as you flip the pancake even as you keep cooking it. This should take around 20 minutes. And, before you do another round of cooking, you should remember to wipe the pan with a paper towel. After this, youshould rub the inside of the pan with cooking oil before turning in the batter. Then, you can treat yourself to the tasty goodness you just made.