Essential Factors When Choosing a Restaurant for Group Dining

Whether it is a big or a small gathering with friends or family or a massive one that involves many guests, opting for Firebird at Hanoi Hannah in Melbourne is going to make your planning a little easier. The entire burden of preparing scrumptious food on top of everything else will be given to someone more experienced and capable so that you can focus on thoroughly enjoying the event. What more do you look for than amazing atmosphere, great service, and of course great food?

When planning for group dining, most things change. You even plan for the convenience, needs, comfort, and tastes of your guests and the event. However, there are still a few things; you need to keep in mind when you chose the right restaurant for a group dinner or event.

  • Location: Consider, how easily and conveniently your guests can reach the beautiful venue. The restaurant you choose must be in close proximity to other venues as well, like meeting space or hotel, or near the travel routes for motorcoach tours.
  • Group size: When you are looking for group bookings dinner at Firebird in one of the best restaurants in Melbourne, you must know the approximate number of your guests. For finding other options as well, ensure the venues have adequate space or a private room with a dedicated staff. It must be large enough for accommodating the needs and size of your group.
  • Parking: Convenient, ample parking is a huge plus point when choosing the restaurant, as it is a group dining. Will your guests choose valet park or self-park? Are any parking fees applicable? If so, arrange to pre-pay the fee or let your guests know the price beforehand. If your group members are traveling via motorcoach, ask the restaurant if they could accommodate buses on site.
  • Budget: You need to find out the best cost per guest, with respect to taxes, beverages, and tips, or any other additions. Find out whether the restaurant provides special menus or packages for group functions like when you opt for group bookings dinner at Firebird. They offer amazing packages for group dining.
  • Menu: The restaurant must have menu options for every preference or taste. You can even ask for a menu to determine options or consider a tasting session as well. Decide how meals should be served and any other details if you need to. Will your guests order a la carte, there’s set menu or prix fixe? Served in buffet style or seated arrangement?
  • Equipment: Find out with the restaurant, if they can provide any good equipment for presentations, entertainment, such as screens, microphones, or podiums. If not, they many a times recommend local vendors, who set up the necessary equipment.
  • Personalize: You can even request them for décor, to add a personal touch that is appropriate for your group.

If you are looking for the perfect restaurant for group dining in Melbourne, choose Firebird. They not only offer attractive packages but excellent menu choices for Vietnamese cuisine.