A Variety Of Cuisines To Eat In Bangkok

A trip to Bangkok is a delight for the taste buds with all the available delicious food, and as well as Thai food, you will find cuisines from all over the world. If when you travel, it is about the food as much as it is about the people and culture, you will love Bangkok for the variety that it offers. Below are some of the culinary delights that you will find in Bangkok to get your mouth drooling and motivate you to plan your trip.

Thai Food

There is a myriad of authentic, Thai, fine dining in Bangkok, and as well as restaurants, there is also the delicious street food that you can enjoy. The Thais love their herbs and spices, and the different regions in the country have their specialities and styles of food, from vegetarian options, seafood, plenty of meat varieties, and even insects on offer.

Indian Food

There is a sizeable Indian population throughout Thailand which means there is also plenty of authentic Indian restaurants from which you can choose. Although you find them all over Thailand and Bangkok, there is an excellent selection of restaurants in the lower Sukhumvit area.

Japanese Food

Japanese food is a firm favourite with many Thai people, so there is also plenty of choices when it comes to this style of cuisine. There are many chain restaurants such as Oishi Grand, as well as many excellent independent restaurants for you to enjoy, and there is plenty available in the Thong Lor area of the city.

Italian Food

If you are a sucker for Italian food, then you will find plenty of choices available in Bangkok. Whether you are looking for a wood-fired oven pizza, freshly made pasta, or any other type of Italian food, there are quality restaurants all over the city.

Korean Food

If kimchi is your thing, then you are in luck when visiting Bangkok as Korean food is also widespread throughout the country. Several restaurants have Korean chefs who help to ensure the quality and authenticity of the food and keeps the customers coming back for more.

Chinese Food

With there being many links to China and so many Chinese tourists visiting Thailand each year, there is also a lot of authentic Chinese restaurants where you can dine. If you are expecting something like your western Chinese takeaway, you will be in for a surprise, as the authentic Chinese food is quite different, although still delicious.


Mexican food is increasing in popularity all over the world, and Bangkok is no exception. There are a lot of restaurants that include Mexican dishes on their menu, although not strictly Mexican restaurants. New Mexican restaurants are opening all the, and there are some great places to eat, such as La Monita Taqueria, in Ploen Chit.

These are just a few of the cuisines that are on offer in Bangkok, and you can use websites such as Trip Advisor to find the best restaurant for each nationality of food that you want to try.